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The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the handwriting sciences.  AHAF promotes education for handwriting examiners at all levels of experience and from all schools of thought.

Our Mission

inkpenThe mission of American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) is to provide information and services to its members with the goal of enriching their effectiveness as handwriting analysts and to educate the public about the handwriting sciences.

What is AHAF... 


AHAF welcomes members from a wide variety of educational backgrounds.  No particular course of study is currently required for membership.  A list of instructors recommended by the organization and approved by the Education Department is listed on the courses page.

Speakers & Handwriting Professionals

Whether you need a speaker for your next function, a signature verified or an analysis of your writing, our membership covers the full range of handwriting professionals.

Publications & Library

AHAF is the publisher of several graphology monographs that are available for purchase. AHAF also has an extensive library for use by members.


AHAF publishes a bi-monthly Journal packed with informative articles, book reviews, committee reports and member news.

Annual Conferences

Each summer AHAF holds a conference in a different part of the country, encouraging participation by members from coast to coast and from other countries.   Internationally recognized speakers share their knowledge, and members have an opportunity to make new acquaintances and discuss various challenges they face in their own geographical areas.


Along with handwriting analysis, AHAF provides a place for document experts, educators, mental health professionals, attorneys, physicians, career counselors and others to interact and learn from each other. 


The Research Department is ready to assist any serious researcher with his or her project.  Some past research projects include: Printing and Handwriting; Relationship between handwriting and creativity in fifth grade children; Establishing a valid and reliable relationship between handwriting and personality traits; Genetic influences in handwriting; Identifying thinking and behavioral styles of the four quadrants of the brain through handwriting movement patterns.

Membership Information

Click here for information for members and about joining AHAF.  This includes information on Ethics of members, mentoring programs, networking opportunities, certification of members, chapter meetings and will soon contain info on our study guide.


Handwriting Analysis is...

Personnel Screening
Personality Profiling
Career Planning
Criminal Profiling
Forensic Graphology
Questioned Documents
Jury Screening

Contact Information

All of our officers are volunteers and are located throughout the US.  Please contact us at the e-mail address below or at our 800 number and we will forward your request to the appropriate person.

Postal address
PO Box 6201
       San Jose, CA 95150-6201
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