Help for Your Organic Garden!

This page contains links to our fact sheets full of handy hints on how to beat back those nasty garden pests without pesticides; when to plant what in Tucson, and tons more hands-on practical garden info. It is constantly growing and will feature more articles as we are able to post them, so keep checking back if you can't find what you want today.


Sources for info & products

Organic Community Gardens

  • Miles Elementary contact Susan Silverman, 326-5844
  • Dunbar-Springs contact Brad Lancaster 882-9443
  • Pio Decimo. contact Bill Zaffer, 292-0380
  • Sam Hughes, contact Alex Camacho 322-5867

Controlling insect problems

  • Toxic Dangers in the Natural World
    Learn about some plants that are harmful to humans, indoors and out. Small children, especially, are often tempted to eat any pretty berry or flower they see.

Crops and their environment

Growing herbs

  • Growing Herbs Organically
    Herbs have special cultural needs. Find out how you can make the most of your herb garden with organic methods.

Mother Herb's Basket

These articles, previously published in our monthly Composter newletter, discuss all aspects of growing and using herbs organically. You can email Mother Herb (Mary Sisson Eibs) directly at:

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