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Genealogical and Historical Writing

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Spectrum performs specialized research on the interpretation of historical writing.  Different handwriting systems and writing instruments were in use during previous centuries.  Further, there were widely contrasting sociological conditions in the past which would affect the psychological interpretation of historical writing.  Spectrum is uniquely qualified to interpret writing of previous centuries providing those who are researching family history with an in-depth, psychological profile of family ancestors.  Handwriting analysis is a unique tool for unlocking a door into the past. 

Authors, biographers or researchers investigating the personality of historical characters also benefit with the psychological information that handwriting analysis can provide.  Spectrum explores the personality of historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln.  Additionally, investigative research has been done on manuscripts such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, handwriting from the National Archives, and the ancient origins of handwriting symbolism. 

It has been recognized that families often share personality characteristics that is often revealed in handwriting.  A striking example of the similarity among families is demonstrated through the writing of two American presidents, John Adams and his grandson, John Quincy Adams, whose signatures appear below as well as on the page with all the presidents.

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